Gold Rate in Pakistan Rocket to Sky

Gold Rate in Pakistan
Gold is a precious metal to be used mostly as an ornament; also, it is a good conductor of
electricity. The gold rates in Pakistan are rocketing to the sky. The main reasons for the
increasing price of gold are known by all. The value of America Dollar has risen against the
value of Pakistani rupee.
Resultantly, the gold price has increased.

There are some other
common reasons for the increase of gold prices; for example, the fear and greed factors affect
the demand and supply; consequently, the gold price increases.

In the past six to seven months the price of gold has raised manifold. The increase in the gold
price has been observed in thousands of rupees in the past few months.
(Gold Rate in Pakistan Rocket to Sky)
Now Gold 24k per 10
Grams is being sold in Rs. 75,703; Gold 24k per one tola Rs. 88,300. On the other hand, Gold
22k per 10 Grams Rs. 69,573; Gold 22k per Tola Rs. 80, 941. The currency of Pakistan is
losing its value against the US dollar; the gold prices are rocketing to the sky as a result;
it has been reported that a mafia is creating the artificial shortage to affect the economy of
Despite the gold rates in Pakistan are rocketing to the sky, the people of Pakistan still use

gold on the wedding ceremonies.
It has long been a ritual in the subcontinent to give a huge
amount of gold to the daughter on her wedding ceremony. Though the people cannot afford
to use gold on the wedding ceremonies in a big amount as they would use in the past;

somehow, they have to arrange for the gold to keep their honor. However, the women
attending the wedding ceremony use artificial jewelry to add to their beauty. The high price
of gold has really affected the gold lovers.
Gold Rate in Pakistan