Ans. Advertising on is easy, reasonably priced and it works marvelous. Basic listings are for all users, while you can buy hot listings for a nominal fee. There are other advertising options available such as banner advertising, listing packages, splash ads and details about each option are available at advertising section of the site which can be reached by visiting the advertising page.

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If you wish to negotiate a special advertising deal with us then we will be happy to hear from you and help you formulate a customized solution suited to your needs.

Contact: +923004366687

Ans.  You can make payments by HBL, Meezan, MCB (Pakistani Banks), Easy Paisa, Mobicash, UBL Omni, Western Union. All local deposits and bank account details will be provided at the time of payment.

Ans. As an approved Company ( team), you can add and manage all of your agency staff/ sellers and buyers, clients and leads effortlessly with the help of various management tools available at your control panel under the “Agency Staff/ Seller and buyers” tab. Visitors / Information Members are available on

Ans. Teams are a number of your agency staff / Seller and Buyer working as a group to perform particular tasks assigned by you as the agency owner or team administrator. As an example if you have a total of 10 users listed as your agency staff / seller and buyer, you can divide them in two different teams such as sales and rentals team consisting of 5 members each. You can allocate staff to these teams according to their qualifications, experience or credentials, where each of these teams will be responsible for their specific tasks related to listings, follow-ups and inquiries etc on Remember that a particular staff can be a member of one team at a time and cannot exist simultaneously in multiple teams.

Ans. You can make changes to your account details by visiting the “My Account & Profiles” section. You are allowed to change your password, profile, user roles (you would need to contact us if you had registered on as an agent or sellers want to change this role) and agent profile (for the members registered as agents or sellers).
You can also modify and update your profile and contact information in all previous property listings by checking the box “Update details in all property listings”.

Ans. To add a new user, go to the “Agency Staff/ Seller” section and select “Add new user” from the side menu. Fill out the necessary details and press the “Create User” button. A new user will be added into your agency staff list.

Ans. By visiting the “Top Performer Stats” section within the “Stats & Accounts” tab you can draw a handy comparison between yourself and the top performing member at Comparison reports can be generated for different time periods by using the date range feature.
Various statistics are compared with the top performer including the following: total number of listings, total listing views, total e-mail inquiries received and total contact detail views. If you have an active agency profile then your agency profile views and e-mail inquiries received from the agency/seller profile page are also compared with the top performing agency. These comparisons can help you to understand how other members and agencies are benefiting from and whether or not you need to put in more efforts to maximize the true potential of

Ans. A lead (also known as sales/rental-lead) is a message or inquiry received from a potential customer that may help you to covert that person (or business) into a sales’ prospect and eventually generate sales. In short a lead is the first step towards making actual sales. At you will be getting a steady stream of inquiries phone and e-mails (sent by those who are interested in buying or renting the properties and other things you’ve listed at, you can save these inquiries as leads and work on them to lure these potential customers into buying or renting from you.

Ans. Clients are your customers or people interested in your property and in general are of two types. The first type is one who has already dealt with you in the past i.e. an existing customer and the second type is a person who can be a potential customer and has contacted you phone, email, walk in, form, What’sapp etc your listing at

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