India Pakistan Relations

Pakistan and India are the two neighboring countries got freedom from Britain in
1947. India Pakistan relation never sustained stable for a long time. Pakistan is the state
with a Muslim majority whereas India is the state with Hindu majority. Before the partition of
United India the two major nations, the Muslims and the Hindus had strained relations with
each other. The communal riots erupted between the two nations on every other day. Britain
had realized that the two major nations of United India could not live peacefully after its
departure from India. The Hindus did not want to divide India into two states; instead, they
wanted to keep the Muslims under their domination.
The great Muslim leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah had realized that the Hindu
leadership would never let Muslim establish a separate Muslim state. He united the Muslims
of India and realized them of their rights and strength. As a result, Pakistan came into
existence on 14 August 1947. India as a Hindu majority state came into being on 15 August
1947. While dividing United India into two separate states, Britain did not let Kashmir
affiliated with Pakistan; despite the fact, it was the territory with the Muslim majority. The
Muslim freedom fighters freed one part of Kashmir in 1948; the rest of the territory was
occupied by Indian forces. India Pakistan relations can be better after resolving the Kashmir
Kashmir assumes great importance for Pakistan. Kashmir was declared as the jugular
vein of Pakistan by the founder of Pakistan. The major rivers of Pakistan emerged from
Kashmir. More than five battles have been fought between the two countries till now. It is
worth mentioning here that both the countries are nuclear states; any misadventure occurring
between the two countries can cause an irreversible loss to the plant earth. It is the
responsibility of the United Nations to mediate between India & Pakistan to settle the issue
of Kashmir on fairgrounds.