Map of Pakistan Displays the Geo-Strategic Importance of Pakistan

The geo-strategic importance of Pakistan cannot be denied. By observing the map of
Pakistan you can rightly access the great position of Pakistan. In the east, Indian is situated
with its great length and width; in the west, Iran is situated as a great country full of natural
resources. Afghanistan is also in the northwest of Pakistan. In the north, China is the country
with the largest population of the world; it is also a fast-growing economy in the world. In the
South, the Arabian Sea protects the boundaries of Pakistan; also, the seaports helps Pakistan
do trade with many countries of the world.
The map of Pakistan assumes great importance for the people of Pakistan and for the
rest of the world; it not only defines the boundaries of the country but also it gives
information about the routes to reach from one city to another. The facts and figures about the
geography of the country also lie on the map. Holding the map of Pakistan in your hand, you
can see how diverse the land of Pakistan is; for example, in the north, you see the highest
peaks of mountains; in middle, you see fast-flowing rivers and lush green fields; in the south,
the Arabian Sea shows its magnificence.
The great tourist attractions lie in the Northern part of Pakistan. The map of Pakistan
certainly happens to be a great help for you to reach the different tourist resort on your
personal conveyance. You easily know the distance between the two places; the route to
reach a certain place is also easily defined by the map. The map does not let you astray from
the right direction you follow to reach your destination. The map of Pakistan is remarkable. Good Luck EveryOne!