Mobile Phone prices in Pakistan are getting high!

Mobile phones have been essential for all and sundry. In Pakistan, every person
carries a mobile phone to stay in touch with friends, relatives, and with the rest of the world
through social media. The smartphones are taking the place of simple phones rapidly. Despite
the people cannot afford to buy a costly smartphone; they buy them cutting short their basic
needs. Mobile phone prices in Pakistan are rocketing to sky. However, mobile phones are
still in demand. The companies introduce a series of mobile phone to earn more and more
The new mobile phone companies are stepping into the market to beat the popular
brands. Same Sung is exceeding in the race of prices; Sam Sung Galaxy S10 512 GB Rs.
2,19299; Sam Sung Galaxy note 10 is being sold in Rs. 1,79000; Oppo Reno 10x zoom in Rs.
1,09000. The new brands in the market are being sold in affordable rates; for example, Oppo
Reno Rs. 69,999; Vivo V15 Pro Rs. 59,999; Nokia 2.2 Rs. 18,600; Qmobile i5i 2019 Rs.
7,749; Tecno pop 2 Rs. 7,999; Nokia 105 2019 Rs. 2,850.
Keeping a costly mobile phone has been a status symbol. The people are judged for
their financial status by the mobile they keep. Mobile phone prices in Pakistan vary from
brand to brand. Before buying a mobile phone a customer should know about the resale value
of a certain mobile phone. Many of the newly introduced brands in the market lose their
attraction owing to their fragile body; they fall onto the ground and their screen cracks badly.
Once they go through a repairing process their resale value collapses. While buying a very
costly mobile from the market, you are advised to buy the popular brand that not only
happens to be more durable but also its resale value stays intact.