Pak Army is a Professional Army

Pakistan came into being on 14 August 1947. Though Pakistan had come into
existence; it was not given its due share in every walk of life by the Hindu leaders who were
at the helm of affairs at that time. The Pak army did not have sufficient arms to protect the
boundaries of the newly born state. However, the professional soldiers knew very well how to
tackle the hardships. The army and civilian leaderships made much effort to establish the
military institutes where the soldiers could be trained in a highly professional way. It was the
need of the hour.
Pakistan Military Academy was established in 1947 where the training of the soldiers
was started on professional grounds. Over time, the other military institutions were
established in different parts of the country to recruit and train the best soldiers. At present,
the Pak Army consists of 550000 active-duty personnel; 500000 reserve personnel; 185000
national guards; 6500 civilian personnel; and 316 manned aircraft. The army headquarters
(GHQ) is situated in Rawalpindi Can’t Area. The highest military award is Nishan-e-Haider;
it is awarded to those soldiers who show remarkable performance while doing their duty.
Pak Army has long been engaged with Indian forces; retaliating their attack on the
LOC. In the recent past, the Pak Army has played a vital role in eliminating the monster of
terror. Of course, it was the duty of the police to tackle with the monster of terror in the
civilian territories; however, the terror was sponsored by the enemies of Pakistan and the
police was neither well-trained nor fully equipped with the latest weapons to eliminate the
terror forcefully. Eventually, the Pak Army had to show its professionalism; the terror was
uprooted from the state of Pakistan successfully. People of Pakistan always stand by the Pak