Pakistan cricket team consists of world-class players

Cricket is not the national game of Pakistan; yet, it is played far and wide on the land
of Pakistan; especially, in those days when an international or national cricket tournament is
underway. Not only the youth but also the aged persons become the cricket analysts sitting in
tea shops, drawing-rooms and in the streets when the cricket tournament is in full swing.
There is no doubt that Pakistan cricket team consists of good players. They perform very
well playing under pressure. Many of the matches were won by them at the eleventh hour.
Pakistan acquired the test status in 1952. The past of the Pakistan cricket team is
very glorious. The players including Hanif Muhammad, Nazar Muhammad, Majid khan,
Fazal Mehmood, Imtiaz Ahmad, Anwar Hussain, and Amir Elahi were the great test
cricketers of Pakistan cricket team. Their remarkable performance is still on record. Pakistan
won the Cricket world cup in 1992. The current Prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan was
the captain of the team when Pakistan won the world cup. Pakistan cricket team has passed
through ups and downs over the years. The political involvement in the cricket has spoilt the
careers of many world-class cricketers including Amir Sohail, Rashid Latif, and many others.
The players of Pakistan cricket team have great potential to face the world-class
teams including England and Australia. Though the team consists of great players; the
political involvement spoils the merit. While shattering the merit, the politicians include the
players in the team who do not deserve the status of the international cricketers. It has been
happening over the years. The Premier of Pakistan will have to take solid steps to eliminate
the political involvement in Pakistan cricket. The merit will have to be upheld at any cost.