Pakistan Weather Touches the Two Extremes

Pakistan is a country where four seasons can be enjoyed. Pakistan weather differs
from place to place; however, the two extremes of the weather can also be experienced while
living in Pakistan. Pakistan is the land of high mountains, green pastures, and plain fields.
The glaciers also add to the beauty of Pakistan. The 2 nd highest mountain peak is also situated
in Pakistan. It is interesting to note that a visitor visiting the northern areas of Pakistan
declares it a cold region; on the other hand; those who visit the southern areas of Pakistan
declare it to be a hot land.
In the northern areas of Pakistan, the temperature falls below the zero degrees Celsius
in the winter season. The cold weather happens to be catastrophic for the natives. They stay
indoors with an insufficient supply of food. The weather gets so cold sometimes that the
water in the taps gets frozen. The life in all forms takes a long slumber; some of the people
from across Pakistan move to these places to enjoy the cold weather. Due to land sliding, the
roads remain blocked during the cold winter season. This is the one dimension of Pakistan
Yes! This is Pakistan where the hottest cities namely Jacobabad and Sibbi are
situated. In the hot summer, the temperature rises above 48 degrees Celsius. The foreigners
visiting these areas suffer from heatstroke due to hot weather. They are compelled to declare
Pakistan the hottest country in the world. They are not wrong with their claim; declaring
Pakistan the hottest country of the world; on the other hand, the statement of those people
cannot be challenged who say Pakistan is the coldest country in the world; they have visited
the Leepa Valley 12500ft high above the sea level. Of course, Pakistan weather is extreme
in winter as well as in summer.