You will notice several variations in Some businesses might not have mature enough nevertheless and have profiles that area unit simply sensible. On the opposite hand, some would possibly embody awards, certifications, and an outsized shopper. very cheap line with each things, additionally as those in between, is that an organization profile is your business’s time to shine. Our Company profile depends on Business, Jobs, Advertisements Fun and far more…!

About Us:-

In each form of Business/Work you’ll be able to do here. No brokers area unit concerned between you and customers.

When you begin, gather the small print listed below. these things ought to seem at the start of your company profile.

Company name | Multiple Unique Solutions (MUS Pakistan)
Established date 2014
Physical address per location Lahore.
Phone Number +923004366687
Email address

MCB Islamic Bank Ltd Account Details
Title Name:
IBAN No. PK46 MCIB 1001 0034 4000 0001

EasyPaisa Account Details
Account Number: 03004366687
HBL Konnect
0300 4366687

The Company Basics:

These items can vary looking on your business sort. So, simply confine mind that they’ll not all apply to your company, however you must embody those who do.

  1. Description of the business including the mission and/or vision
  2. Product descriptions
  3. Description of services
  4. History, expansion, and growth
  5. Public relations
  6. Advertising
  7. Industry information
  8. Safety, health, and environmental policies
  9. Core team details

Categories Details:-

We have several classes in our web site. Our website have consumers and sellers.

Home things :- In home things, you’ll sell and obtain. piece of furniture any kind, Microwave, Coffeemaker, Toaster and far a lot of.
Devices:- In, you’ll sell and obtain. laptop each sorts, laptop components, portable computer each sorts, Tablets each sorts, Tabs each sorts, Mobile Phones each sorts, TV, Audio, LCD, DVD, Eco sound, and far a lot of.
Pet animal:- In, you’ll sell and obtain. Dogs (bulldog, Australian kine Dog, Australian Shepherd, Bearded sheepdog, Belgian Malines, sheepdog, Border collie, Pakistani Dogs, Indian Dogs and each countries dogs). Cats (Persian Cat, Bengal Cat, domestic cat, Scottish Fold, Sphinx Cat, yank Curl, yank Bobtail, yank, Pakistani Cats, Indian Cats and each countries cats). Buffalos (Pakistani buffalos, Indian buffalos, Australian Buffalos, each countries and each sorts buffalos). Cows ( Pakistani Cows, Indian Cows, Australian cows and each countries cows). Sheep’s (Pakistani sheep’s, Indian Sheep’s and each countries sheep’s). Goats (Pakistani Goats, Indian Goats and each countries goats). each kind of animals you’ll sell and obtain here.
Vehicles:- Cars ( 41, GLI, CiVIC, CULTUS, MiRA, LAND CRUiSER, DOUBLE CABIN, MERCEDES and each forms of automobile you’ll sell and obtain here. Buses, Vans, serious loader, Truck, each kind of vehicles you’ll busy here. Airplane, Jet, non-public Jet and each kind of heavier-than-air craft you’ll sell and obtain here. Bikes (Heavy bike, motorcycle, angle bike and each kind of bike you’ll sell and obtain here. Bicycles each kind. each kind of vehicles you’ll sell and obtain here.
youngsters:- Kids item you’ll obtain and sell here each kind of.
Jobs:- each kind of Jobs you’ll search here.
Services:- each kind of services you’ll search here.
Properties:- you’ll sell your property, you’ll obtain property, you’ll search property for rent.
Sports:- we’ve several kind of Sports item. you’ll obtain and sell here.
Books:- you’ll sell your own books and if anybody need to shop for book then, in have conjointly sell the books.

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